In-Range Progression

In-Range Progression salary reviews for occupied, existing positions, may be initiated by management or the incumbent in accordance with relevant collective bargaining agreement provisions and the SDSU In-Range Progression Procedures. Please review these procedures for more information and detailed processing instructions. You may also contact [email protected].

Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Positions

SDSU establishes the salary for Management Personnel Plan (MPP) positions in accordance with Title 5.  These positions do not have Classification and Qualification Standards and are not subject to above-described in-range progression procedures.  For information regarding salary setting of MPP positions, please contact Casie Martinez, Assistant HR Director, at 619-594-3953 or [email protected]​.   

In-Range Progression Resources

CSU Classification and Qualification Standards
CSU Salary Schedule
CSU Collective Bargaining Agreements
SDSU Position In-Range Progression Procedures
SDSU Position Description Form