Updating Position Descriptions

Follow the below steps to update position descriptions:

  1. Update the employee's position description.  If there are any significant changes to the duties and responsibilities, please work with your management team and Human Resources before implementing these changes with the employee.
  2. Once the position description is completed, send to Frankie Gutierrez​, HR Analyst, for review along with a copy of the current organizational chart.
  3. Once the position description has been reviewed, please meet with the employee to discuss the updated position description and have them review and sign in accordance with their contract.  You will be provided with a template to use to notice the employee of the changes based on the employee's respective Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  4. After obtaining employee, manager and director signatures, please send signed position descriptions to Frankie Gutierrez, HR Analyst. 

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If you need a copy of the employee's current position description or if you have any questions, please contact Employment Services​