Staff Members

**NOTE: Hourly Employees‚ Special Consultants‚ and Retired Annuitants‚ please see the Intermittent Staff section below.

Attendance Reporting

Staff members are required to report absences monthly (vacation, sick leave, jury duty, funeral leave, etc.). Even when no absences occur during the month a "no leave taken" report is required.

Please see Leave Accruals​ for more information on earned accruals‚ or refer to your respective Collective Bargaining Agreement for detailed information on other available leave benefits.

Absences must be reported by the 5th of the month in order for managers to approve by the 10th of the month.​


Overtime is defined as time worked in excess of 40 hours per week (pro-rated for part-time employees). Only non-exempt employees‚ by FLSA standards‚ are eligible for overtime‚ which is either paid out or reported as compensating time off (CTO). This determination is at the discretion of the appropriate administrator. Overtime payments are issued by the 15th of the month following the period in which overtime was worked.

Shift Differential

Employees in certain job classifications may be eligible for an hourly amount (shift differential) in addition to their regular pay when they work the evening or night shifts. Shift differentials are normally exclusive of overtime. To determine whether or not your classification entitles you to shift differentials‚ as well as the amount‚ please see your Collective Bargain​ing Agreement. Shift differential payments are issued by the 15th of the month following the period in which shift was worked.

Intermittent Staff

Intermittent staff are paid on an hourly or daily basis, depending on their appointment type. Time worked is reported on an attendance summary under the “Hours Worked” row, and submitted to Payroll Services following the first of each month. Pay is issued by the 15th of each month, as long as the attendance summary is received on time.

When completing the attendance summary, please follow the state pay calendar.

Hourly employees are entitled to holiday pay based on the number of hours worked during the pay period in which the holiday was granted. The chart below identifies the number of hours that will be due to the employee for each holiday:

Hours on Pay Status
during Pay Period
Number of Hours
of Holiday Pay Due
0 – 10.9 0
11 – 30.9 1
31 – 50.9 2
51 – 70.9 3
71 – 90.9 4
91 – 110.9 5
111 – 130.9 6
131 – 150.9 7
151 or over 8

**Please Note: Special Consultants are not entitled to holiday pay as outlined above. They only receive holiday pay if work was actually performed on the holiday.

Intermittent employees receive time off with pay for a personal holiday‚ based on the number of hours worked in the pay period in which the personal holiday is taken as noted in the table above. If an employee actually worked on other holidays in the same pay period‚ such hours worked are considered as hours on pay status. Any personal holiday credit not used within the year will be forfeited. 

If you have specific questions pertaining to your intermittent appointment, please contact Payroll Services at 619-594-5251.​