San Diego State University (SDSU) supports telecommuting when the campus determines that telecommuting is operationally feasible and is in its best interest. Such instances for telecommuting may be considered when there are opportunities for improved operational performance, or as part of a disaster recovery or emergency plan. SDSU recognizes that with current technology it is possible for some employees to perform a variety of duties and job functions from their residences or other equipped sites.

The decision to authorize telecommuting will be largely based on job function and the university’s strategic interests regarding the time, manner, and place of work and services. Telecommuting cannot impair organizational efficiency, services or operations, nor can it result in a shifting of responsibilities or duties outside of a position and classification. Further, as SDSU is a brick- and- mortar institution and a residential campus, it is imperative that onsite services be maintained. Generally, all university offices must be staffed, open and accessible Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and as operational and service needs dictate. Based on these considerations, many positions are unsuitable for telecommuting. All requests for telecommuting will be subject to a thorough and individualized assessment.

Employee Initiated Telecommuting Request
Manager Initiated Telecommuting Request
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