Background Check Policy

The Chancellor's Office has issued a system wide background check policy, HR2017-17.pdf.

Below are the highlights mandated by this policy:

  • The following groups will be subject to a comprehensive background check:​
    • All new hires, regardless of status
    • All current employees under voluntary consideration for sensitive positions or a position for which a background check is required by law
    • All CSU employees, volunteers, and consultants who perform work involving direct contact with minor children at CSU-hosted recreational camps​
    • Student workers and volunteers if being considered for a position in which a background check is required by law or accessing Protected Level 1 Information
    • Consultants, outside entities, independent contractors, and employees of auxiliaries performing duties designated as sensitive and/or requiring a background check by law
  • Rehired employees are excluded if they have a break in service that is less than a year and are reappointed to the same position at the same campus within 12 months or have had a background check performed within the prior 12 months at the same campus.
  • Background checks must consist of verification of relevant employment within the past five years (if any), education verification, reference checks, criminal records check, and other checks (DMV, credit, professional license) for specific positions when job related.
  • Background checks must be completed before an appointment is finalized and before an individual begins work within the position.

Below is a list of background check forms organized by workgroup:

  • MPP and Staff
  • Tenure Track and Temporary Faculty
    • The background check provider will conduct all aspects of background check requirements.
  • Students in Sensitive Positions
    • Reference check and verification of previous employment are not required as part of the background check process for student employees.  Authorization for the criminal background check is obtained electronically through Accurate Background.  For questions, contact the Center for Human Resources​.

For positions requiring Live Scan fingerprinting pursuant to the CSU Background Check policy, please utilize the below form to initiate a Live Scan check. Please do not utilize the form for positions appointed through an SDSU auxiliary. A list of nearby LiveScan locations can be found on the Livescan locations page. 

LiveScan Form