Parental, Pregnancy, and Catastrophic Leave

Parental Leave

Parental Leave refers to a leave for the purpose of a parent preparing for the arrival of, or a parent or legal guardian caring for, a new child, up to his/her eighteenth birthday, to the employee’s immediate family due to the birth, adoption, foster care assignment, or legal guardianship of the minor child with the employee. Paid Parental Leave runs concurrently with any other related leaves for which the employee is eligible. Refer to your collective bargaining agreement ​for details.​

Pregnancy Disability Leave

Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, employers must give up to 4 months of unpaid disability leave to women facing time off work because of pregnancy, childbirth, or a related illness. If a female employee takes part or all of the maximum four (4) months of pregnancy disability leave, she may also request up to twelve (12) weeks of FML for reason of the birth of the child, or to care for the new child, or due to her own or child’s serious medical condition. FML and pregnancy disability leave shall run concurrently with the period of leave available under the provisions of Education Code Section 89519. FML shall not run concurrently with pregnancy disability leave under Government Code Section 12945.

Catastrophic Leave

The Catastrophic Leave Donation (CLD) Program allows for the donation and receipt of vacation and sick leave credits between all eligible University employees. An employee who has a catastrophic illness or injury and has exhausted all leave credits normally available to cover the required absence from work may use donated leave. The CLD program also allows participation in the program if an employee needs to be absent from work due to a catastrophic illness or injury of an immediate family member. 

Catastrophic Leave Information Sheet
Catastrophic Leave Donation Form

Catastrophic Leave Request: Please email: [email protected]